Consumer Guarantee

There are certain guarantees that all providers of services and/or goods are legally obliged to comply with.
These include:

That Services provided will be:

  • Given with due care and skill. That is, an acceptable level of skill, taking care
    to avoid loss or damage (to the consumer)
  • Fit for the specified purpose. It should achieve the outcome described by the consumer to the service provider
  • Completed within a reasonable time frame, or as mutually agreed between consumer and service provided. A reasonable time frame will vary depending on the nature of the service being provided

That Products provided must be:

  • Of acceptable quality
  • As description to you before you purchased
  • Fit for their intended purpose
  • Repairable and/or have parts available for a reasonable amount of time

What if the Consumer Guarantee is not met ?

  • If one or more of these guarantees are not met, you are entitled to a ‘remedy’ – that is, the provider business has to put right the fault, deficiency or failure.
  • Depending on the circumstances, this may take the form of a refund, repair, replacement or compensation equivalent to the drop in value of the product.

Where to go for help if the Provider does not comply with their obligations:

Queensland Office of Fair Trading:

  • Phone 13 74 68