Accessible, Caring Gardens

Gardens that protect and enrich

Human beings possess an innate attraction to nature and it is known that being outdoors creates feelings ranging from calm tranquillity to stimulation and restoration.

Gardens are very important to the quality of life for people of all ages, in particular for young children, anyone recovering from a traumatic injury, people with a physical disability or mobility difficulty; people with a mental disability for example dementia or Alzheimer’s.

A well designed outdoor area can help

  • general health, such as can be obtained from adequate natural vitamin D
  • reduce stress and lower blood pressure
  • create better sleep patterns
  • aid for endurance, strength and mobility maintenance
  • support sensory pleasures from sight, sound, smell, taste and touch
  • increase abilities such as decision-making, self-control, increased confidence and self esteem

Complete House & Home Care can create an ideal solution for your unique circumstance
We can:

  • enable easy access to the garden by building ramps, non-slip paths and good night lighting
  • create a sunny private corner to bask in the winter sun, or a shady pergola for summer
  • build attractive fencing to help keep loved ones in and intruders out
  • plant aromatic, attractive and edible plants
  • design a very low maintenance garden
  • install natural timber exercise structures

Caring gardens can be as small as a balcony or as large as you like.

Complete House & Home Care can construct a range of raised garden beds to suit people of all ages and abilities.

Observing and helping to care for a herb or flower garden is a very satisfying, safe and enriching activity that can be enjoyed be everyone.

Introducing chickens to your garden provides many benefits such as reduced pests, and of course fresh eggs are always welcome. Watching them is much like watching fish in an aquarium…very soothing and never boring; and experts claim it can support a therapeutic recovery program.

Professional information and ideas for therapeutic caring gardens are available at:

Ways to save money with garden work

Complete House & Home Care can do the lot for you or can work alongside you as your DIY Job Buddy which creates good savings in labour hours.

Purchase smaller plants. Benefits are in money savings plus smaller plants are faster growing and more resilient. Choose plants that require little water or fertilizer

A garden that is functional and provides a solution can often be more affordable in the longer term than a garden full of upmarket furniture and pretty flowers.