Sometimes it feels more comfortable and assuring for a women to have a woman handy person taking charge of things, especially when you live alone or in a vulnerable situation.

Our Handyma’am service can complete most things our Handyman or DIY Job Buddy can.

We are good listeners and do what YOU want done. Our Handyma’am is trustworthy and respectful, and she uses plain English. We do everything we can to help you feel confident and satisfied with the quality of work completed.

While a female handy person doesn’t possess the same physical strength of a male handyman, this is compensated for with greater attention to detail and ability to multi-task.

Occasionally certain tasks require more muscle or skill than our Handyma’am possesses.  If this occurs our Handyma’am will discuss options with you, and if you agree she will engage a Job Buddy to assist.

At all times, our Handyma’am remains on site and in charge.