Pricing Guide, including Terms & Conditions

Estimates and Quotes

We provide:

  • Quotes – for small or regular jobs that are clearly defined and all factors are known in advance.
  • Estimates – for job that could have unforeseen or variable factors.  We will always provide a 20% estimate range. ie. between 10 and 12 hours.

If you find a better price than ours from a reputable, professional handyman business, we will always match it or beat it.

Free On-site quotes or estimates are offered for jobs that are expected to require more than two hours labour.  For small jobs (two hours or less), see our Price Safety Net below.

Free quotes are limited to one site visit per job.  If you change your mind about some aspect or wish to discuss different ideas, additional site visits will generally be chargeable. Exceptions to this are large, complex jobs which may require a couple of site visits.

Our quotes and estimates are based on: the number of man hours; the likely type of equipment/tools needed, and products and materials we expect to use.  See Price List for details of how price is calculated.

Quotes or estimates remain valid for 14 days, at which time are subject to change.

Small Job Price Safety Net
For small jobs that are expected to be completed in two hours or less, we provide a safety net Price Guarantee.  If, within the first 15 minutes, we discover the amount of labour time will exceed our estimate, we will immediately inform you and explain the cause. If you decide to hold off and think about it, there is no charge at all for any labour time work that may have been completed to that point.

An example of change to expected hours/cost would be if your job requires non standard fittings or tools; or you provide a product which is not appropriate for actual installation.   This will require extra time to source what is needed.

Same Price – Seven Days a Week.   It makes no difference to us what day of the week it is.

 – – – – – – –

Job Cancellation by client.  We require a minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation or postponement.  This is most important for full day bookings.  A 20% cancellation fee may be charged if you provide less than 48 hours notice, even if you rebook at another time.   This fee provides a small contribution towards our loss of income.

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Payment for Services

Standard Rates: Payment on day of service; or on the invoice date
Payment is to be made at the time of job completion for small jobs; or end of each working days segment for large jobs.   We are no different to other local businesses such as your car mechanic or hairdresser.

Non Standard Rates:  Delayed payment, up to 30 days credit provided

PAYMENT OPTIONS:   Cash,  Cheque, EFT or Credit Card.

Non payment or slow payment for services.  We reserve the right withhold additional services until outstanding payment is received for past services.  We may accept your booking but reserve the right not to commence work, this decision is on a case by case basis.

Invoices and Receipts  We provide one invoice or receipt per single engagement. If you need an invoice split or shared with another person you must tell us in advance before the work begins. If you engage us to complete the work then you are the person responsible to pay us.



10% discount of the total cost of labour hours for holders of Companion Card including the immediate carer group, and Department of Veteran Affairs Repatriation Health Card – for All Conditions

5% discount of the total cost of labour hours for Australian resident with a current Australian Pensioner Concession card Pricing_Guide_Concession_Cards

Also see Price List  for other discounts that may be available to you.

Important Notes on  Discounts:

– Only one discount type may be applied – whichever is best for you.
– You need to tell us if you hold a concession card, we don’t assume that because you’re an older person you must also be on a pension.
– Discounts do not apply to work completed outside our service area – see Suburbs we cover.
– Discounts are intended to provide financial support for those on very low incomes. The Carers or Pensioners discount is not available for use on an investment property which is not your ordinary home.

Purchase a Gift Voucher for someone that you care about, and make the job much more affordable for them.



Our On-Site Procedure, Time Requirements and Fees

When the handyman arrives at the work site ready to start we normally ask you to sign him or her on. Then when the job is completed (or end of each working day), we may ask you to sign him or her off.  The time you pay for includes the amount of time between sign on and sign off, less meal break.  Charges include all reasonable time required to successfully complete your job, including but not limited to:

      • Unload and reload materials and equipment/tools on board our vehicle or trailer.
      • Collect materials.  Alternatively you may like to purchase the material yourself, or have them delivered to site beforehand. We can help you prepare the ‘shopping list’.
      • Dispose or recycle, rubbish or waste materials (unless appropriate alternative arrangements are in place).
      • Discuss and explore different options with you as the job progresses, or to research and provide advise on specific types of materials.

All Reasonable Care Taken

We provide all services with care, skill and technical knowledge appropriate to a handyman service. We take all reasonable steps to avoid loss or damage when completing your handyman task.

There are however certain situations where minor damage is hard to avoid and may be outside the control of a handyman.  For example:
When lifting, moving or fitting a large, heavy item into a confined or awkward place, eg. mounting a clothes dryer or heavy mirror – small wall marks may be unavoidable.   In this example situation we would correct any small scratches/dints at no charge to you, but ask that you provide the correct colour touch up paint.

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions form part of the estimate or quotation provided by Complete House & Home Care. “CHHC”

      • The Client will be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions by proceeding to request services or book works.
      • All prices estimated for the works are valid for a period of 14 days from the date of the estimate (or quote) unless stated otherwise in writing to client.
      • Works covered by the estimate are limited to those expressly detailed in the quote or estimate provided to you in writing.
      • CHHC is entitled to vary the estimated price to take into account:
          • Any associated services required to successfully complete the works not expressly stated in the quote or estimate.
          • Any additional services requested or required by the client after the commencement of the works, which were not part of the works specified in the original estimate.
          • Any increase in the cost of the materials required for the works.
          • Any price variation from a third party engaged to manufacture items for the job.
      • CHHC does not provide a guarantee on any materials associated with the job; the guarantee is on labour only.  Materials are guaranteed by the manufacturer.
      • If the CHHC handyman informs you the materials you provided are not of sufficient quality or type and you wish to go ahead with the job regardless there is no guarantee on the finished work or the amount of labour time required.
      • CHHC reserves the right to require the payment of a deposit prior to commencing some works, and may require progress payments to be made upon partial completion of the works.
      • CHHC will exercise all reasonable care, skill and diligence in undertaking the works, and will ensure the works are of sufficient quality relevant to handyman skills. The client only has a right to a remedy from CHHC in relation to the works when the works undertaken by CHHC do not meet the consumer guarantees described in the Australian Consumer Law with respect to the supply of services.
      • To the extent permitted by law, the liability of CHHC in contract, tort or otherwise which may arise directly or indirectly in respect of the supply of the works or any act, failure or omission of CHHC pursuant to this Terms and Conditions Agreement is limited to the amount payable by the client under this Agreement.
      • Cancellation of any accepted estimate or quote may incur a fee to cover any costs actually incurred by CHHC in preparation for the works (including loss of income).
      • All materials utilised for any works remains the property of CHHC until the client has made full payment for the completed work.
      • Time to locate/source, purchase and deliver materials or equipment (if required), as well as time on location to complete tasks, is chargeable.