Price List for:  ‘Pay Later’  and  ‘Fixed Price Quotes’

1) Delayed Payment

For clients who are not able to pay on the of service

  • First Hour:  $84.00    Additional hours:  $60.00
  • Full Day (7.5 hrs):  $450.00    Additional hours $60.00

All other pricing (ie. Equipment surcharge) is the same as our Pay on the Day pricing

2) Fixed Price Quote

For clients who need the assurance of knowing in advance exactly what the cost will be.

Fixed price quotes, provided in writing, can be provided for all work expecting to cost $600.00 or more.

Fixed Price quotes are:

    • Not based on our hourly rates; and include a contingency to cover any potential unforeseen aspects of the job or changes to costs of materials.
    • Not negotiable after the work is satisfactorily completed.
  • Valid for 14 days, after which time are subject to review.

Also see Pricing Guide for additional information of pricing options.