Price List for:  ‘Do and Charge, Paid on the Day’

Prices in this list below are our standard rate for payment on the day of service.
If you are not able to pay on the day please click here. for our ‘Pay later’ rates.
Alternatively if you need a ‘Fixed Price Quote‘, please click here.

Prices remain the same 7 days a week !  If you find a better price from a professional service, we will always match it.

Also see Pricing Guide for clarification about charges and Discounts that may apply.

Prices below include up to 20 minutes travel time – see Suburbs covered.   Time for travel outside our geographic area will be charged at our standard rates below.


Description'Do and Charge - Pay on day of service' (per handy person or DIY Job Buddy)
Includes labour; hand or battery powered tools/ equipment.
Full Day consists of 7.5 hours.
Same fee seven days per week.
$300.00 per day
Then: $40.00 per hour.

Day rate may consist of two handypersons working together (at 4 hours each)
Time charged may include: discussing/researching options with you; sourcing, collection/delivery of materials, setting up/packing away tools & equipment.
Multiple Days
Discounts for clients who book a job requiring five or more continous days labour.
Ie. a full standard week.
$270.00 per day
Then: $36.00 per extra hour

Note: Discounts only apply for work completed within our service area - see Suburbs covered
Less than one full day.
Base rate includes: Labour/time; hand or battery powered tools/ equipment. Same fee seven days per week.
Minimum Fee: $60.00
Covers up to one hour of time (may consist of two handypersons at 30 mins each)
Then: $20.00 per additional half hour
(Time charge inclusions, as above)
Rubbish or green waste - Removal and Dumping
[One trailer load = 1.5 cubic mtrs or 700 kgs]
Cost is mainly to cover cents/km for vehicle and trailer.
$20.00 per trailer load using your dump voucher.
This fee is additional to the labour time charged. If you don't have a council voucher, then council fee is payable.
** Fee may vary slightly depending on distance to council tip **
(Client may choose to supply)
Charged at actual cost - no mark-up.
However you may be charged a labour time cost to cover ordering / delivery / collection
Equipment Surcharge

a) Small power equipment. (eg. circular or reciprocating saw; table saw; impact drill; spray gun)

b) Mid size equipment, (eg. high power pressure cleaner; chainsaw; large hammer drill / small jackhammer)

c) Large items. (eg. cement mixer, generator, ride on mower)

d) Specialised Equipment
(eg. Lawn Aerator, Mini Loader)
Additional to Base Labour Rate

a) $5.00 per hour (or part thereof)

b) $10.00 - $15.00 per hour (or part thereof)

c) $20.00 per hour (or part thereof)

d) To be quoted
Emergency Callout
Between 7am and 7pm. Seven days per week.
Including basic non-powered aids and tools
Minimum fee: $120.00
Covers up to 2 hours of time, or part thereof.
Then $40.00 per hour

See Pricing Guide for more information about charges and discounts that may apply.

NB:  The Price List on this page is for our Do and Charge clients who pay on day of service.