Ways to Save Money when using a handyman service

Generally speaking, time = money, so here are some ideas.

  • Purchase materials yourself – Complete House & Home will help you with the ‘shopping list’
  • Don’t replace, instead you may be able to repair or facelift – provided there is no significant structural weakness
  • But occasionally it is also cheaper to replace. This is something we can help you decide
  • Do some of the work yourself, our DIY Job Buddies are more than happy to let you contribute as much as you like
  • Have the area to be worked on clear of all obstacles before work begins
  • Make sure there’s on-site parking ready before your handyman arrives
  • Sometimes a job could be split into small parts, making it more affordable over time – say 4 hours every fortnight.
  • Our handy staff enjoy a good conversation just as much as you, but not when you’re paying by the hour.
  • Be home or provide access to the working area at the appointed time, waiting time is rarely free.
  • Prices are sometimes negotiable, especially with recurrent maintenance work or larger projects. Never hesitate in asking.
  • Purchase a Gift Voucher for someone that you care about, thereby making the job much more affordable for them. See our Pricing Guide for more information

Other consideration that help save time (and money)

  • Show your handy person the layout of his or her working area, including fire exits and facilities such as toilet or wash up area.