Universal Design for Living

Universal design is a process that enables and empowers a diverse population by improving human performance, health and wellness, and social participation.

Principles of Universal Design

Can be used equally by everyone

  • Consideration been given to the various types of physical and mental conditions of people who may use it.   Eg. Everyone from young children to grandparents.

Can be used in various ways at different times

  • Can it be used in your own way, at your own pace? Has it been created to be used in various environments including dark or noisy environments?

Easy to understand (how to use it)

  • Has it been created simply, so that the meaning and method of use are immediately apparent?

Safe to Use

  • Has it been created in a way where it will prevent accidents if used incorrectly, and can be returned to its normal state?

Low physical burden

  • Is its size and appearance such that it can be used comfortably and effortlessly by people with various physical abilities?

High quality and beautiful

  • Have materials and functions been utilized to make it both functional and attractive?

Sense of Security and Comfort

  • Is it constructed in a manner that provides a sense of security for its users?

Useful Links

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